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Still on http move to https for achieving better grades

Google (utilized by all users) has announced at I/O conference in June 2014 that all websites should be switched to HTTPS. Now, all companies are changing their minds slowly, accordingly.

But, what is actually HTTP and HTTPS?

Is it simple way to improve ranking by switching to HTTPS?

All enterprises are thinking such sort of questions without even knowing the real difference between HTTP and HTTPS. Moreover, what will be the major facts that will arise after transferring the website to HTTPS.

Hencetherefore, understanding difference between HTTP and HTTPs must be the very first step before switching.

Basics About HTTP and HTTPS

Whenever someone is accessing the internet, then one must see the websites starting with either HTTP or HTTPS. If neither of that is shown, then it is HTTP.

But still the question arises “what is the real meaning”.! Following given reasons will help everyone to understand both concepts without much concerns.


HTTP is “Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)” that works on Application layer protocol through which information of website is trasmitted or recieved to a user by web browser from server.

It is the superior way to represent HTML page to web user which does not contain any kind of confidential information or there is not set-up of payment gateways (such as credit cards, debit cards).

HTTP is also known as “Stateless” which refers to less usage of data and no information has attempted to save from previous sessions which automatically minimize the loading time.


HTTPS, an acronym for “Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol” or “Secure HTTP”. It was introduced to transmit and recieve information from a server but with a secure format.

It was brought into limelight for providing more secure transactions and information exchange as credit cards, confidential passwords and debit card numbers.

It generally works on Application layer protocol which is accompained by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for transmission of data securely.

HTTPS: To achieve SEO advantages

Switching to HTTPs will help to secure data of website and all the information even if it is of client's login ceredentials or payments. It will help to achieve more user-end satisfaction and they will rely on your website for next payments.

Addition to this, HTTPs also benefits to achieve better SEO

Better Ranking in SERP's:

Making a roll of website through HTTPs will not provide a boost for ranking, but it will increase recommendation and algorithm towards website through GOOGLE with the passage of time.

Security and Privacy:

It will sums up your SEO goals in the following ways:

  • Authenticate the website and communications of server.
  • Increase User-satisfaction by providing safe browsing.
  • Safe from tampering of data and information from thrid parties.
  • Encrypts the data, communications including urls, such as payment's information, browsed history.

Refferal Data

If the data is serached through refferal resouses and passes through an HTTP site, it may appear as a “direct traffic”, however, by HTTPS site, the refferal information is preseved.

Listed above are the considered facts which will, undoubtedly, help to understand both topics and make the decision easy whether to use HTTP or HTTPs!

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